February 8th, 2013

Going Private.

So, I have been thinking about it for a long long while.

Guess I will be taking the blog to a private space. I haven't been writing very much for various reasons. Being lazy and tired was one of the reasons. But there are also other times I want to write and it turns out to be too personal or it might be something that isn't very appropriate to say publicly. I think going private probably helps me want to write a bit more - afterall, I think I want to keep it more like my diary so that I can still read and reminisce about my life years down the road.

This little space has been an avenue for me to vent and pour my heart. It's been really nice 'meeting' friends here and it's been very heartwarming to receive kind words and gestures. So, thank you for hanging around and reading about my ordinary boring life. Friends on the list, do leave a comment if you would still want to read at the new space. I will drop you a private message with details :)

Bye now.

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