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Funny conversations with The Boy.

Since I was writing about language, I thought I should document some of funny (at least to me) conversations with my boy. Ok, he's too young to really have a conversation, more like sprouting sentences.

Since my boy was young, I've had lots of hair pulling moments putting him to bed. He's one of those who HATEs to sleep. And recently, we've started to transition him to his own bed - we were co-sleeping for the last year or so. So there's this particularly difficult night, I was feeling quite desperate.

Me: Can you go to sleep please? Your will against mummy's will, who will win?

Boy: Bus? Wheel?
[obviously he doesn't understand my question. Will = wheel in his little head]

Me: .....


The boy usually sends me to work with my hubs (who work super flexi hours), and he hates saying goodbye. He doesn't cry when I get off the car, he usually ignores me. On good days, he will give me a cursory wave.

As I was getting off the car one day...

Me: Bye, 我要去做工了.

Boy: Bye. 記的買面包回來.


That's all for now. Till I remember some more.

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